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«Euroinvest Development» is ahead of schedule in Murino

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Andrey Berezin’s company, «Euroinvest Development», will commission three buildings in the new residential complex ‘iD Murino II’ six months ahead of schedule – already at the end of 2023 instead of 2024.

«The ‘iD Murino II’ project is a club quarter that includes 7 twelve-story residential buildings. The complex is being built in the western part of Murino. The ‘Devyatkino’ metro station, the exit to the Ring Road, and the ‘Lavriki’ railway station are all within 10 minutes by transport», explains the chairman of the board of «Euroinvest Development», Andrey Valeryevich Berezin. «I would like to note that the early commissioning of three out of seven buildings is the result of a well-planned roadmap implemented by the management of the company headed by our partner Stanislav Danelyan».

According to Andrey Berezin, reducing the construction cycle of individual buildings also leads to significant savings in investment and material resources, which, in turn, allows for an acceptable price level for new apartments for potential buyers, which is extremely important in the current market situation.

«In addition, we understand that most of the future residents who have already purchased apartments in ‘iD Murino II’ are relatively young people and families, and for them, every month that brings them closer to moving into their apartment is also significant savings since they usually have a mortgage and until their apartments are commissioned they have to rent a home. In this way, we are trying to support people who have entrusted their resources to our company «Euroinvest Development».

Speaking about the architectural concept of ‘iD Murino II’, Andrey Berezin notes that the houses included in the residential complex are designed in the style of Scandinavian minimalism, with restrained color solutions. The entrance halls are located at the ground level, without steps or ramps. This is the second project of «Euroinvest Development» in Murino, embodying the idea of 3iD – a harmonious environment for living in a friendly atmosphere, where the European concept of comfort is integrated at all levels – in the apartments, in the houses, and on the territory.

In the ‘iD Murino II’ residential complex, the courtyards are fenced, landscaped according to an individual landscape project, and decorated with multi-level lighting. Playgrounds and sports areas are also provided. For residents, there is access to the iD Club space for development, communication, and leisure, as well as iD Lounge summer terraces on the roofs of several buildings.

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