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Euroinvest is growing

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Andrey Berezin’s Euroinvest Development construction company achieved the best results in 47 regions in terms of the number of residential properties under construction. At the same time, the developer continues to increase volumes and claims leadership at the end of this year.

Four years after its inception in 2017, Euroinvest Development (part of the Euroinvest Group, founded by Andrey Berezin) has become a leader in terms of the number of residential properties under construction in the Leningrad Region, continuing to grow. This allowed the developer not only to become a participant in the Best Construction Organization of the Leningrad Region competition, but also to take first place in the nomination “Best indicators in terms of housing under construction”.

So, in 2020, about 340 thousand square meters were built. m of housing, this year the figure rose to 550 thousand square meters. m, which allowed Euroinvest Development to again become the leader of the competition.

As part of the holding, founded in 1992, Euroinvest Development develops the construction of residential complexes of various classes. The first project of ID Murino, located in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region, included four multi-storey economy class buildings, the first of which was commissioned ahead of schedule. According to its own data, the company has never delayed the delivery of objects.

Within all objects, the developer adheres to his own special approach, the buildings are built in the 3iD format, and this does not depend on the class of residential complexes. This format implies a high level of comfort in the adjoining areas, in the house and front rooms, as well as in apartments. For five years on the market, Euroinvest Development has been an example of modern and technological construction and offers favorable conditions to future residents.

Today, the main focus of the developer’s attention is the residential complexes iD Murino and iD Kudrovo. Clients can purchase apartments on favorable terms. In addition, a number of large Russian banks offer mortgages under a partnership program with Euroinvest Development at a reduced rate of 0.2%.

The company’s portfolio also includes the construction of iD Svetlana, iD Park Pobedy, iD Moskovskiy, iD Murino II. For apartment owners, partners of the holding and interested Petersburgers, the company organized the so-called iD Club and the educational club of the same name. The project was created to unite like-minded people and conducts lectures, master classes, excursions and other events.

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